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Always Use the Right Tool for the Job!

Cable / Harness Assembly Machinery and Tooling

Material Processing and Production Tooling

To produce high quality, you must start with the best materials and most appropriate tooling for the job. Atronix has invested well over $1,000,000 in machinery, equipment and tooling specifically defined for delivery of the highest quality output and results. The images and descriptions shown here are but a few examples of our extensive list of tooling.

System Integrated Calibration, Certification and Management

All Atronix tools are subject to a truly integrated system of tool management allowing Atronix to track tool use back to the individual operator and tool used to perform each operation.

Cable, Wire Harness and Assembly Equipment - The Right / Best Tool for Each Task
Schleuniger Wire and Cable Cutting, Wire Prep, End and In Line Strip and Coil

Strip and Crimp (more than 1,000 applicators!)

Ultrasonic Welding

CLS-IV (3)

Tyco AMP G-Press (40)

Pad Imprinting